School of Aeronautics Colloquium No 176- Prof. KC Kim, Pusan National University, Korea

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School of Aeronautics Colloquium No 176-Prof. KC Kim,Pusan National University, Korea

Title:Noise Estimation of Automobile Side Mirror Models by 4D Lagrangian Particle Tracking Velocimetry and AI-based Data Assimilation

Reporter:Prof. KC Kim,Pusan National University, Korea

Invited by:Prof.Hengdong Xi, School of Aeronautics

Location:A706, School of Aeronautics

Time:15:00-16:30, 13th Dec, 2019


A time-resolved three-dimensional Lagrangian Particle Tracking Velocimetry (4D PTV) has developed adopting the Shake-the-box algorithm with four high-speed cameras. Helium filled soap bubbles are used as tracers in the wind tunnel experiment to characterize flow structures around automobile side mirror models. Full volumetric velocity fields and evolution of vortex structures are obtained and analyzed. Instantaneous pressure fields are deduced by solving a Poisson equation based on the 4D PTV data. Direct measurement of pressure fluctuation agrees well with the estimated pressure by the 4D PTV. To increase spatial and temporal resolutions of velocity field up to Kolmogorov scale, artificial intelligence (AI)-based data assimilation method has applied. ANFIS (Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System) based machine learning algorithm works well to find hidden 3D vortical structures and sound level spectra behind the automobile side mirror models.

Introduction ofProf. KC Kim:

Prof. KC Kim received his BA degree at Pusan National University, Korea in 1979. He received MS and Ph.D degree at KAIST, Korea in 1981 and 1987 respectively. Since 1983, he was hired as a faculty member in Pusan National University (PNU), Korea. During 36 years at PNU, he has published about 605 refereed journal papers in Domestic and International Journals and supervised 203 MS and Ph.D students. He is currently serving as an Editor in Chief for Journal of Visualization. In 2002, his laboratory has designated as a National Research laboratory from the Ministry of Science and Education of Korea. Prof. Kim established the MEMS/NANO Fabrication Center and served as the director from 2004-2009. In 2004, he was selected as a member of National Academy of Engineering of Korea. His research interests include: Turbulence, Two-Phase Flows, Flow Visualization, PIV, LIF, PSP, TSP, CFD, Heat Transfer, Thermal System Simulation and Optimization, Next Generation Marine Engine, Organic Rankine Cycle Power System, Multi-scale Multi-physics Analysis and Measurement Techniques, Microfluidics, Bio-MEMS, Lattice Boltzmann Simulation, Solar Power, Cryogenics, Wind Turbine and Fuel Cell, and Wind Engineering.

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