Department of Integrated Technology and Control Engineering

Department of Integrated Technology and Control Engineering

The Department of Integrated Technology and Control Engineering, which was founded in December 2008, has a faculty of seven associate professors and four lecturers.

The department is rooted in the first level discipline of Aerospace Science and Technology, and their researches focus on Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering, Aerospace safety engineering, and Control and Integration Technology. These three researches equally belong to the second level disciplines in Aerospace.

The objective of this department is to improve the capability of the design, evaluation, and validation of safety, efficiency, comfort, automatization and intelligentization of flight vehicle system, and to be capable of undertaking corresponding research works for flight vehicle.

The department has already attained remarkable achievements in system design, evaluation, and validation in the fields of ergonomics, safety, and automation and control for flight vehicle. Some of them have already undertook very important and high level projects such as National Key Basic Research and Development Plan (973 Plan), The simulation of ergonomic design and evaluation in cockpit and cabin, comfort analysis and evaluation for military/civil plane, virtual simulation and evaluation in maintenance, emergency evacuation, etc.


Main research fields

Man-machine-environment engineering

Aerospace safety engineering

Control and integration technology


Main research results

1.    Man-Machine-Environment engineering

Man-machine-environment system design and virtual simulation estimation

Cockpit environment simulation and control

Life support and escape system in aviation and astronautics

Parameterized cockpit analysis, simulation and design


Man-Machine-Environment System Design and Virtual Simulation Estimation


Cockpit Environment Simulation and Control (air temperature, velocity and pressure)


Life Support and Escape System


Parameterized Cockpit Analysis, Simulation and Design

2.    Aerospace safety engineering

Reliability simulation for machine and structure

Machine/structure PHM and system faults simulation with virtual technology

Structure reliability analysis and experiment

Aircraft remote health monitoring


Reliability Simulation for machine and structure


Machine/structure PHM and system faults simulation with Virtual Technology


Environmental Chamber and Modular Gantry


Aircraft Remote Health Monitoring

3.    Control and integration technology

Control integration and management of MAV airborne system

Flight dynamics and control of new concept air vehicle and new control effectors

Advanced UAV flight test and piloting technology

Postflight test data analysis and flight dynamics identification


Control Integration of MAV airborne system


Flight Dynamics and Control of new concept air vehicle


Advanced UAV Flight Test and Piloting Technology


Test Data Analysis and Flight Dynamics Identification


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