Department of Aircraft Design Engineering

The Department of Aircraft Design Engineering was established in October 1952, formerly known as aircraft design faculty working office of the Aircraft Department of HuaDong Aviation College. After merge of the university in October 1957, the department became the aircraft design faculty working office of the Aircraft Department of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

At present, the department has 33 faculty members, including 8 professors, 12 associate professors. The main research fields of the department is aircraft design, which is the earliest aeronautical field established for country's aviation industry. After 50 years of development, the department continues to meet the needs of the aerospace industry with new concepts, advanced design and its excellent graduates.

Main research fields

New concept flight vehicle design

Configuration design and evaluation technology

Structural integrated design

Flight dynamics and control

Famous professors



Professor Gao Zhenghong

Professor Song Bifeng




Professor Lv Zhenzhou

Professor Wang Heping




Professor Feng Yunwen


Main research results

1.    New concept flight vehicle design

Next generation fighter

Next generation commercial aircraft

New concept flight vehicles


Adjustable Tail Configuration


Twin-fuselage Configuration


Canard Configuration


Dual-channel Configuration


Joined Wing Configuration


Super-sonic Passenger Airplane


Cycloidal Propelle Vehicles


Micro Flap Wing Air Vehicles


New Concept Compound-Lifting Aircraft


Near Space Airship Design


Aerocar Design

2.    Configuration design and evaluation technology

Configuration design

Combat effectiveness simulation

Combat survivability analysis and design


Chinese J-7E fighter (double delta wing)


A project of large passage airplane


Collaborative optimization design for C919


Aircraft combat effectiveness analysis and concept assessment/selection system


Aircraft combat survivability analysis and design system

3.    Structural integrated design

Structural optimization

Composite structure analysis and design

Long-life/high reliability/durability and damage tolerance design


Optimization Design of Wing Structures


Composite Material Tensor Skin Wing


The Fatigue Analysis of Composite Material Flexible-bar Structures

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