The Teaching Center for Aeronautical Testing

The teaching center for aeronautical testing is subordinated to School of Aeronautics. With a long history, the center has gained dozens of teaching and scientific research achievements, and trained nearly 10,000 students for the nation.

The center is made up of three laboratories: Aircraft Design Engineering, Civil Engineering and Aeronautic Technology Innovation Base, including 11 sub-laboratories which are MAV design and manufacture laboratory, fluid mechanics laboratory, aircraft design and simulation laboratory, aircraft fault diagnosis laboratory, aircraft structure strength test laboratory etc. The center covers an area of 3800m2.

Currently, there are 19 members in the center, consisting of five professors, six associate professors and senior engineers, six engineers and two technicians. They have undertaken 21 teaching experiments and 110 experiment projects.

By making full use of this platform of aeronautic experimental teaching center, the teachers and the technical staff get great transformations and innovations, and turn scientific research achievements into the experimental teaching resources. They have developed teaching experiment device 46 sets, published more than 100 papers, and gained more than 40 rewards. It has made a great contribution to the teaching reform and laboratory construction for the university.

Address: No.127, Youyi West Road, Beilin District, Xi 'an City, Shaanxi Province

Zip code: 710072

Contact: Office A319, Aviation Building, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Tel: 029-88493671, 88460479 Fax: 029-88493671

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