Jun Zhang, Professor of NYU and NYU Shanghai, Gave an Online Lecture

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Jun Zhang, Professor of Physics and Mathematics, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Professor, NYU gave an online lecture “Moving in the World of (almost) Zero Reynolds Number Environment” at 10:00-11:30 on 23 Nov, 2021 for the graduate students. The lecture was invited by prof. Hengdong Xi.

Abstract: When Reynolds number approaches to zero, the fluidic world becomes extremely viscous and hard to move about for any structures. But this world is far from being trivial, many interesting phenomena emerge as structures interact with their surrounding fluids. In this talk, we will discuss a few experiments when micron-scale motors move next to solid boundaries. These tiny motors are shown to take random walks, follow 'traffic signs', swim against open flows or climb up nearly vertical walls. When equipped with such 'smart functions', motors are expected to be useful someday in many small worlds, such as in our blood vessels and inside the microfluidic chips.

Introduction of prof. Jun Zhang:

Jun Zhang is jointly appointed Professor of Physics and Mathematics, NYU, NYU Shanghai. He is also a Global Network Professor, NYU. Since 2001 he has been the Co-Director of the Applied Math Laboratory in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He holds a PhD in physics from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, and is now an elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

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