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1.Flight Vehicle Design

1).Conceptual Design of Flight Vehicle

2).Structural Design of Flight Vehicle

3).Reliability Engineering of Flight Vehicle

4).Integrated Design of Aerodynamic Configuration and RCS for Flight Vehicle

5).Flight Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicle

6).Flight Vehicle System Engineering and Technology

7).Active Control/ Integrated Control/ Flight Management Technology

8).Aerospace Flight Vehicle System and Technology

9).Civil Aircraft Structural Health Diagnosis and Maintain

2.Solid Mechanics

1).Macro-Meso-Micro Mechanics and Damage Mechanics

2).Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Composites and Smart Materials and Structures

3).Mechanical Behavior of Material and Its Computer Simulation

4).Fatigue, Fracture and Reliability Analysis of Structures

5).New Computational Strategies and Numerical Methods in Solid Mechanics

6).Analysis of Structural Dynamics and Dynamic Failure

3.Fluid Dynamics

1).Theoretical and Computational luid Dynamics

2).Aerodynamics for Aircraft Design

3).Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamic Measurement

4).Dynamics of Fluid-Solid Coupling

5).Industrial Aerodynamics

6).Technology of Reducing Resistance and Noise

7).Cavitation Theory and Its Application

4.Fluid-Structure Interaction and Control

1).Theoretical and Computational fluid-Structure Interaction

2).Experimental Fluid-Structure Interaction

3).Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction

5.Human-Machine-Environment Engineering

1).Heat Science for Human-Machine-Environment Engineering

2).Man-Machine-Environment System Engineering and compvehensive design

3).The Environmental Problems of Aircraft

4).Man-Machine Engineering

5).Prediction and Control of Sound Environment in Vehicles

6.Means of Transport applied engineering

1).Safety,Reliability and Ensuring Technology for Means of Transport

2).Information and Electronic System for Means of Transport

3).Advanced Control System Technology for Means of Transport

4).Control and Fault Diagnosis of Power System for Means of Transport

5).Navigation and Traffic Management for means of Transport

6).Systematic Organization Methods for Means of Transport

7).Aircraft Airworthiness Technology

7.Planning and Management for Traffic Transportation

1).Traffic Supervision and System Planning

2).Future Aviation Navigation System

3).Flight Dynamic Property and Flight Quality

4).Air Traffic Management

5).Traffic Safety and Environment

6).Urban Traffic Programming

7)Space Traffic Management and Control

8.Aeronautics and astronautics safety engineering

1).Aeronautics and Astronautics Safety System Engineering

2).Risk Evaluation and Hazard Prevention

3).Fault Diagnosis and Health Monitoring

4).Aircraft Airworthiness Technology

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