Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering

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Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering

I、Educational Objectives

This program is intended to cultivate high-level engineering technicians and researchers who have solid foundation for mathematics and mechanics, who possess basic theory and application knowledge on flight vehicle engineering, who are capable of systematic research in flight vehicle design (including space shuttles and carriers), framework design, airplane exterior design, airplane performance calculation and analysis, structure tension analysis, trouble-shooting and maintenance, software development, and who can engage in general mechanical design and manufacture.

II、Profession Qualities

This course is to cultivate the students with the basic theoretical knowledge and skills in flight vehicle design and with the basic training in flight vehicle engineering.

After graduation, the students should posses the following abilities:

1. To have solid theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in such fields as solid mechanics, hydromechanics, flight mechanics, structure design, framework design, flight vehicle aerodynamics analysis, vehicle configuration design, structure intensity design and experimental mechanics, airplane maintenance, etc.;

2. To have the basic skills in flight vehicle designing and relevant skills in calculation, testing, experiment and software development;

3. To be familiar with relevant principles, policies and regulations;

4. To know relevant theoretical knowledge, applicable perspectives and developmental trends;

5. To master the basic techniques in literature retrieval and query, and to be creative and have systematic scientific research methods and working abilities.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling: four years

Degrees conferred : Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Engineering

IV、Main Courses

Material mechanics, mechanical design, elastic mechanics, structure mechanics, fluid mechanics and fundamental aerodynamics, aircraft structure mechanics, flight mechanics, structure vibration, testing techniques, automatic control theory, aircraft comprehensive design, structure design, composite material analysis and design, civil airplane structure maintenance, civil airplane maintenance in-damage testing.

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