Safety Engineering

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Safety Engineering

I、Educational Objectives

It is necessary for development of national economy and modern construction of national defence to educate those high-level technical persons who are engaged on aeronautic and astronautic reliability engineering, safety technique and engineering, and healthy monitor and maintenance of aircraft.

II、Profession Qualities

This course is to cultivate the students with professional knowledge in aeronautic and astronautic reliability engineering, safety analysis and design of aircraft, civil safety engineering technique, and healthy monitor and maintenance of aircraft, etc.

After graduation, the students should posses the following abilities:

1. to have solid foundation in natural science, better foundation in human social science, and synthesis ability in foreign language;

2. to understand the basic theory and knowledge correlative to the aeronautic and astronautic engineering, in such fields as fluid dynamics, engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer, engineering mechanics, overall design of aircraft, structure design, Mechanical and electrical reliability, structure reliability, healthy monitor and maintenance of aircraft, etc;

3. to have the basic skills in safety analysis and design, reliability analysis and design about aeronautic and astronautic aircraft, and relevant skills in calculation, testing, experiment and software development;

4. to be familiar with relevant principles, policies and regulations;

5. to know relevant theoretical knowledge, applicable perspectives and developmental trends;

6. to master the basic techniques in literature retrieval and query, to be creative and have systematic scientific research methods and working abilities.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling: four years

Degrees conferred : Bachelor of Engineer

IV、Main Courses

Framework Design,Overall Design of Aircraft,Introduction to Structural Intensity,Mechanical and Electrical Reliability,Structural Reliability,Basics on Fragile and Rupture,Basics on Hydrodynamics and Engineering Thermodynamics,Flight Vehicle Structure Mechanics,Structural Vibration Theory,System Design and safety Lifesaving of Airplane,Structural Analysis by Finite Element Method,Basics on Hydrodynamics and Engineering Thermodynamics,Disaster Prevention Theory and Technique,Healthy monitor。

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