Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

I、Educational Objectives

Theoretical and applied mechanics belongs to discipline of Mechanics, code: 071101

This program is designed to cultivate high-level professionals who have systematic understanding in fundamentals of mechanics, and can apply methods of basic and modern theoretical analysis, experimental means to conduct creative scientific research or solve various engineering problems, especially to fluid mechanic and solid mechanic problems in the area of aeronautics and astronautics.

II、Profession Qualities

Students are expected to obtain:

1) Solid knowledge for natural science, basic knowledge in humanity, arts and social science. Capability for correct use of native language and literal expression;

2) Sound grounding in theoretical knowledge related to mechanics, such as Theoretical Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Computer Science;

3) Strong capability in the analysis, derivation and experiment for mechanics, and simple mathematic modeling of mechanic problems;

4) Awareness about frontier and development trends of discipline;

5) Abilities in document searching, data querying, scientific research and practical working.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling: four years

Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Engineer

IV、Main Courses

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Tensor Analysis and Its Application, Low Speed Aerodynamics, High Speed Aerodynamics, Elastic Mechanics, Foundations of Structural Finite Element Methods, Experiments of Fluid Mechanics, Experiments of Solid Mechanics

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