Electrical Engineering and Automation

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Electrical Engineering and Automation

I、 Educational Objectives

To meet the requirement of rapid development civil aviation, To Educate qualified scientists and technicians to work in civil aviation, Electric specialty is setup in the College of Civil Aviation Engineering. The period of schooling is four years. The students study of the theory in preceding the three years. The forth year, the students first complete engineering practice in civil aviation company, then students come to university to learn specialty course and complete graduation project.

Educate high engineering and technology person to meet the requirement of socialist modernization.

The students must be all round development of morality, intelligence and physique.

After graduate, The mostly students work in civil aviation company to be engaged in airplane maintenance technology and management.

II、 Professional Quality Requirement

The student mainly study theory of electric engineering and system maintenance engineering. Know well basic theory , method and ability. Possess ability of analysis and complete problem.

Graduate students must be have knowledge and ability as follows:

Possess sturdy knowledge of natural science. Have good humanities, art and social science base. Apply ability of nation language.

Systematic Know well specialty wide theory knowledge include electric and automation science, airplane electric system maintenance, mechanic and electron, computer and business management Know the subject development direction.

Possess ability of computing, testing, document finding. Have ability of airplane fault diagnosis and analysis. Possess strong application ability of computer. Know well English. Have strong ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Know airplane maintenance technology development direction.

Possess strong self-learn ability. Have good creative idea and high comprehensive quality.

III、Length of Schooling and Degrees

Length of schooling: four years

Degrees conferred : Bachelor of Engineer

IV、Main Courses

Aircraft Electric System and Maintenance,Electric Testing Technology, Alternating and Direct Current Governor System, Flight Control System , Modern Aviation Instrument System, Power Electronic Converter Technology。

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